Christians fluent in Mandarin and English with a heart for Discipleship are needed

I am looking for men and women who can translate the materials on this website from English to Simplified Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is on my heart that the Mandarin speaking people of the world have tools available in their language to help them be Disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you are able to translate Eenglish to Mandarin, and have a desire to see quality materials available to the Mandarin speaking people, I'd like to work with you.

You must have a computer, a word processor (preferably Microsoft Word), a willingness to spend time translating English, and a heart to see discipleship materials made available for free in the translated language.

I have labored long and hard to create materials that are original and therefore free of copyright restrictions. Those with whom I co-labor can obtain copyright protection for the documents they create so long as the materials translated can be provided free of charge on the next version of this website.

I have no money to compensation you for your effort. I will share freely all of the materials contained in this site.

If you are interested in co- laboring in this endeavor please contact me at

Doug Smith
Escondido, California
May, 2015



基本要求:一台电脑,一个文字处理文档(例如Word), 愿意花时间将英文内容翻译成中文,有一颗愿意将圣经材料做成免费资源方便大众的心。

我花费了大量的精力和时间完成了这些原创性的资料,所以您将不必担心任何版权问题。 那些与我一起完成这些内容的人将有权利享有这些文件,只要您将翻译的内容提供在vDRC网站上供人们免费学习。


Doug Smith
Escondido, California
May, 2015

虚拟门徒资料中心 的目的是要提供免费的基督门徒资料。 这些资料不可被拷贝,无论是全部或部分,而用来售卖。 但是,一个人可拷贝,翻译,或分发这些资料的任何部分, 只是不可售卖。

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